Studio M

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Our Magnet Works community is at the root of everything we do and every decision we make. Our community of coworkers, independent retailers, sales reps, vendor partners, and artists is what motivates us to strive for remarkable. And it’s our commitment to each of these relationships that sets us apart as a company.

The same creative spirit that inspired Magnet Works co-owners, Curt and Sue Todd, to invent MailWraps in 1988 continues to inspire innovation, quality, and craftsmanship at Magnet Works today. We believe that creative spirit is inside each of us, and it is something that can make all of our lives more fulfilling.

With our community in mind and the creative spirit at heart, we recommit to supporting local, independent retailers – the core of our community – by developing remarkable products exclusively for them. We recommit to our Magnet Works co-workers, by constantly looking for new products to craft in St. Louis, like our new DrinkBlots Art Coasters and our Art Poles.